be – made in Australia, which is researched and developed by most of world’s top Beauty Experts. “be” Series was sold all over the world for many years and has been well recognized by the professional users because of its highly efficacy, which can improve and repair various skin problems and against skin aging. 

The latest skincare lines include “Collagen Regenerating Series” and “Icy White Deluxe Series” which are formulated with natural ingredients. The high performance of the products accelerates skin metabolism to diminish melanin and thus leaving the skin polish and luminous.

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Icy White Deluxe Sleeping Mask 30g
Icy White Deluxe Sun Block Lotion 30ml
Icy White Deluxe Toner 100ml
Phytoaromatic Ampoule 20ml
Raspberry Ampoule 20ml
Collagen Regenerating Box Set
Icy White Deluxe Box Set

Icy White Deluxe Box Set

HKD $2,250.00

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