• Pure Collagen Sheets 1 SHEET

Pure Collagen Sheets 1 SHEET

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Benefits: Pure Collagen Sheets an intensive delivery system for Eyes, Face and Body. A quick treatment for immediate visible results for the treatment of dehydration,firming and improves elasticity also plumps up the skin to refine the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Skin looks moist and firm after a Salon Treatment


1. Double the Pure Collagen Sheet. Then make cuts on the sheet so that it can fit the face contours, especially the nose and the neck, of the customer.

2. Apply the essence onto the face. Massage until absorbed.

3. Place the Pure Collagen Sheet onto the face. Then apply Pure Collagen Activating Lotion on the mask to make it softened. Gently pull the sheet to make it mould to the face. Leave for 30 minutes. (It is recommended to apply the Thermal Hydrating Elastic Mask as well after using the Pure Collagen Activating Lotion to get a better result. )

4. Apply eye and face cream after removing the sheet.

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