• Make-up Remover Face – Eyes 200 ml

Make-up Remover Face – Eyes 200 ml

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CHAMOMILEPlant with calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-redness

Actions; Counters redness, leaving eyes feeling relaxed and refreshed.

SILK MILKMix of precious proteins that protect and soften;

Leaves skin silky soft, restructured and compact.

MALVACalming and hydrating protect skin from atmospheric agents;

Detoxes eye area, relaxes and carries out anti-redness action.

BISABOLOL: Main component of Chamomile, relaxes. 100% natural

potent anti-redness action, protects, calms and helps to counter any further

skin irritation.

CharacteristicsExtra gentle cleansing action. Effectively calms redness, leaving skin silky soft and fresh. Its light texture is easy to apply for maximum cleaning and protection.

Professional useWith a cotton-wool pad, apply a small amount of product to the eye area and gently massage to remove all traces of make-up.


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