• Face Peeling 200 ml

Face Peeling 200 ml

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ACTIVE MICRO PEARLS: Different sized spheres carry out a delicate but

effective safe peeling actionLeave skin feeling smooth, free from

impurities and uniform.

SORBITOL: Natural sugar with hydrating and humectant properties Prevents skin dehydrating after smoothing action of the spheres, to leave skin soft and tonic.

SALIX ALBA: Plant rich in salicylic acid helps exfoliate the corneum layer

Removes impurities from the skin, to leave it cleansed and smooth.

SPIREA OLMARIASpecial plant with purifying and detoxifying actions;

Purifies, calms redness to leave skin uniform and compact.

Characteristics:  Effectively removes impurities and dead cells; Leaves skin smooth and ready to receive the next treatments; Suitable for the even most sensitive skins.

Professional use: Massage gently, concentrating on the Tarea (nose, chin and forehead). Rinse off or use a warm, damp cloth to remove.


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