• Dual Phase Make Up Remover Face Eyes 200ml

Dual Phase Make Up Remover Face Eyes 200ml

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CHAMOMILE: Plant with calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-redness actions. Counters redness, leaving eyes feeling relaxed and refreshed.

LAVANDER: Plant with soothing, detoxing antiphlogisitc actions Reduces irritation, soothes, calms redness leaving eye feeling refreshed and cleaned.

MELILOTUS : Plant with lymphatic draining properties. Reduces the presence of puffiness, under eye bags and dark circles for a more luminous effect.

SORBITOL : Natural sugar with an hydrating and moisturizing action Prevents dehydration leaving skin soft and toned.

Characteristics : Dual-phase make-up remover lotion with a lasting calming and soothing action Gently and effectively removes all traces of make-up, leaving skin feeling incredibly cleansed and refreshed, it calms redness and is tear-proof. Not suitable for clients with eyelash extensions.

Professional use : Use a cotton pad to apply a small amount of product over face and eyes gently massage to remove all traces of make-up.



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