• Gentle Micellar Water Face–Eyes

Gentle Micellar Water Face–Eyes

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CALENDULA : Medicinal plant with anti-edema properties, reduces swelling and irritation. Leaves facial skin free from irritation, hydrated and uniform.

CHAMOMILE: Plant with calming, anti-inflammatory and

anti-redness actions. Counters redness, leaving eyes feeling relaxed and refreshed.

ROSE PETALS : Able to transfer water to the skin, making it more supple. Combats dehydration processes. Refreshing, Reinvigorating action.

ROSA CANINA: Belonging to the rosaceae family, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and has antioxidant properties

Helps regenerate skin cells, keeping the skin supple and nourished.

Characteristics : Delicately cleanses the skin, leaving it fresh and bright. Tones, hydrates and smooths the skin with a simple gesture.

Professional use : Use a cotton wool disc to apply the product

to the face and eye area, removing all traces of make-up with a light massage.


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