• Concentrated Repairing Serum

Concentrated Repairing Serum

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18 BETA GLYCYRRETHIC ACID : Extracted from liquorice root, with proven soothing and adjuvant properties. Prevents reddening and

irritations and keeps the face looking bright and fresh.

ALOE VERA JUICE IN GEL : Hydrates, soothes, repairs scar tissue and re-epithelizes skin. Our juice is BIO certified. Soothes, hydrates,

carries out ant-redness action. Leaves skin hydrated and soft.

SUN FILTER : Protects from UVB rays, prevents the formation of free radicals. Prevents deep and premature ageing and the formation of sun spots.

Characteristics : Soothing and decongesting action. Defends skin from wind, sun and cold and guarantees a sensation of wellbeing.

Leaves skin looking visibly toned and smooth as silk.

Professional Use: Apply the serum to the clean face, neck and décolleté and tap delicately all over the area.


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