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BEE VENOM : Obtained naturally from bees, it carries out a botulin-

Like action, countering aging and inflammation. Reduces wrinkle depth, lifts and firms the skin and boosts the production of Collagen. Visible effects immediately.

RETINOL : Improves skin thickness, thus stretching wrinkles, smoothing, firming and toning the skin. Boosts Collagen synthesis,

thus reducing laughter lines.

ROYAL JELLY : Stimulates, revitalises and is an effective antioxidant. Nourishes the tissue and assists the absorption of other active

principles. Leaves the skin moisturised and glowing. Protects the cell structures of the skin, leaving it moisturised and glowing.

SUN FI LTER : Protects from UVB rays, prevents the formation of free radicals. Prevents deep and premature ageing and the formation of sun spots

Characteristics : Multi-action anti-wrinkle face cream with a special rich, concentrated formula that effectively regenerates, tones and

firms the skin. It makes the face toned and firmed and thus gradually reducing wrinkles. It nourishes and moisturises in depth, leaving the skin looking particularly fresh, firm and youthful.

Professional use : Apply to the clean face, neck and upper chest area, massaging gently until fully absorbed.


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