• Anti-blemish Face Cream Very High Protection SPF 50+ -Bee Venom 50 ml

Anti-blemish Face Cream Very High Protection SPF 50+ -Bee Venom 50 ml

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BEE VENOM: Obtained naturally from bees, it carries out a botulin-like

action, countering aging and inflammation. Reduces wrinkle depth,

lifts and firms the skin and boosts the production of Collagen. Visible effects immediately.

ARGAN OIL : Preciuos oil rich in anti-oxidants and ceramides that carries out soothing and repairing actions. Effective in countering

ageing, leaves skin silky soft, smoothes and helps skin remain luminous.

VITAMIN E : Counters formation of free radicals, the cause of deep skin ageing. Counters the formation of deep wrinkles, improves overall aspect of skin.

SHEA BUTTER : Butter with emollient, moisturising and nourishing

Properties. Nourishes, protects and repairs the skin, prolonging softness and elasticity.

Characteristics : It has a triple action against environmental agents and UVA and UVB rays. It effectively shields the skin of the face, the décolleté area and the hands. It prevents the appearance of pigment marks caused by the sun, which lead to the deterioration and premature aging of the skin.

Professional Use : Apply the cream and massage gently until fully absorbed.


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