• Collagen Regenerating Box Set

Collagen Regenerating Box Set

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Collagen Regenerating Cleanser

- Deep cleansing and moisturizes skin
- Amino acid forms little protein molecules to improve secretion
- Increases skin elasticity and prevents wrinkle formation

Apply to the face and neck in the morning and evening. Massage gently in a circular upward motion. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat application if wear make up.

Collagen Regenerating Toner

- Anti-wrinkles, combines with elastin to strengthen elasticity
- Strengthens cell repairing functions so as to enhance the rate of metabolism
- Enhances collagen protein formation to firm up skin

Collagen Regenerating Eye Gel

- Avoids accumulation of fat around eye area
- Strengthens skin elasticity of the eyes
- Repairs dermis around eye area to add charm to eyes

Apply around the eye contour area, massage gently in a circular motion until fully absorbed.

Collagen Regenerating Gel

- Enhances collagen protein formation to prevent flabby skin
- Locks up moisture
- Refines pores and anti-wrinkles

Massage evenly on face and neck using a light upward circular motion until fully absorbed. Avoid the eye contour area.


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